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The Best Actually Useful High End Kitchen Gifts for 2018

The Best Actually Useful High End Kitchen Gifts for 2018

If you're going to splurge on something for a home cook this year, make it one of these.The Best Actually Useful High End Kitchen Gifts for 2018

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Gifts for the Chefs in Your Life

Get the goods for those hard-working leaders of the kitchen.

Last year, we created a restaurant gift guide for the restaurant owners in your life. Now, we're focusing on gifts for chefs, who are often facing the brunt of the holiday season rush and deserve appreciation for their hard work year-round.

But what do you buy for the professional chef in your life?

We went right to the source and asked a few professional chefs what they're dreaming of for the holidays. Read on to get some stellar shopping ideas from the chefs themselves.

Recipe Cards Template

Train your back of house staff with this recipe cards template, a customizable Excel sheet that outlines recipe requirements for chefs.

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29 luxury gifts that people are obsessing over this year

‘Tis the season of giving means ‘tis the season of buying. This means investing in things for other people. However, the fear of giving a parent an expensive tablet that will collect dust in a desk drawer, or giving a granddaughter a pricey necklace she’ll never wear, is real. But this fear doesn’t have to lead to gift cards or less expensive items. You can still invest in the people you love over the holidays and make the right choice at the same time.

Luckily, my Reviewed colleagues and I are here to help. All year long, we review and research products—a lot of them on the expensive side. Based on our knowledge of top products based on testing, consumer reviews, and trends, we've put together a guide of gift ideas that are worthy of their high cost. Here are 28 of the best and most popular luxurious (and expensive) products we think would make great gifts in 2020 if you're looking to splurge.

1. For the one always on the couch: Barefoot Dreams throw blanket

Best luxury gifts: Barefoot Dreams throw blankets (Photo: Anthropologie & Nordstrom)

At a time where we are home more often than not, a new blanket is something that could make their time spent lounging on the couch a bit more luxurious. Loved by celebrities, the Barefoot Dreams blanket is the blanket to gift this holiday season. Chrissy Teigen even recommended it as such last year on Twitter, but the recommendation is even better for 2020. Our writer Amanda Tarlton reviewed the trendy blanket and found that it is just as cozy as people claim. It comes in solid colors or an animal print. However, keep in mind that both versions seem to be selling out in certain styles already and buying now is better than later.

2. For the trendy one: Diptyque candles

Best luxury gifts: Diptyque Candles (Photo: Diptyque)

Diptyque candles are quite luxurious and wildly popular, making them an excellent gift for just about anyone on your list this holiday season. This berry scented candle from the brand has just about a 5-star rating from over 580 reviews on Nordstrom.

3. For the coffee lover: Breville Espresso Machine

Best luxury gifts: Breville Espresso Machine (Photo: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser)

Creating coffee stations at home has certainly been a trend during 2020. Whether their home has turned into their office or they could use more caffeine to get through each day, a luxury espresso machine could be a welcomed addition to one’s home this holiday season. When we tested espresso machines, the Breville Barista Touch took first place for best overall. If you’re looking to splurge even more, our writer Sarah Kovac owns and loves the pricey Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine. While we didn’t test that one against the Breville Barista Touch, Sarah claims “it’s like having a whole coffee shop on your kitchen counter,” and who wouldn’t want that this year?

4. For the one who deserves to relax: Eberjey pajamas

Best luxury gifts: Eberjey Pajamas (Photo: Eberjey)

Spotted on celebrities, including Meghan Markle, Kylie Jenner, and Oprah, the Eberjey Gisele Pajama Set is everywhere. With a 4.5 to 5-star rating from hundreds of reviews on Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Amazon, these pajamas are loved by consumers, and for good reason. While you can purchase less pricey dupes of these PJs from places like Nordstrom or Target, the Eberjey originals are said to be far superior when it comes to comfort. You can get them in a short or long set—and they even have a pair for men! Sizes and colors have been selling out on many retailers, but they are still in stock at Bloomingdale’s right now.

5. For the one building a home theater: Sonos Arc Soundbar

Best luxury gifts: Sonos Arc Soundbar (Photo: Reviewed)

For those who are serious about their home theater setups, consider giving the Sonos Arc Soundbar as a gift this year. While it’s pricier than other soundbars on the market, Reviewed tech editor, Lee Neikirk, claims it “actually competes with the bone-rattling audio you'd get at a movie theater.” Currently sold out on Amazon, this luxe electronic is clearly in high demand. It’s still available at Best Buy, but you’ll want to act fast to ensure you can get it shipped in time.

6. For the shoe enthusiast: Designer sneakers

Best luxury gifts: Designer sneakers (Photo: Shopbop)

As "fashion sneakers" continue to rise in popularity, designer sneakers are in high demand. So much so, that sizes and styles have been selling out from a number of brands at major retailers including Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Shopbop, Revolve, and more. This includes but is not limited to the popular Golden Goose sneakers, which come in tons of different styles. Spotted in production photos from the new Gossip Girl reboot, you're sure to make any fashion person's day by giving the gift of a new sneaker that looks old and has a star on it. In addition to Golden Goose, Gucci sneakers or Balenciaga shoes also make a solid gift for 2020, but act fast because sizes and styles are already limited for these too.

7. For the one obsessed with all things Apple: The newest Apple Watch

Best luxury gifts: Apple Watch Series 6 (Photo: Christian de Looper / Reviewed)

If they don't own one already, an Apple Watch would be a fantastic gift for the one who is always on their iPhone. We tested the brand new Apple Watch Series 6 and it is the best smartwatch we've ever tried. Give the gift of our favorite smartwatch so they can have all of their notifications, music, and texts at their fingertips all the time.

8. For the watch enthusiast: A high-quality watch from Hublot

Best luxury gifts: Hublot watch (Photo: Ebay)

Few things make a bold statement quite like a watch, especially if you opt for a big-name brand like Hublot. The Swiss luxury watchmaker is known for its timeless and sleek selection—and right now, you can snag pre-owned authentic Hublot watches from eBay backed by the site’s Authenticity Guarantee. Essentially, eBay independently vets every watch sold by its vendors, meaning if it’s a dupe, you’ll know before you buy. Knowing that authentic Hublot watches feature smart cards specific to each band, you can shop with confidence knowing that you’re snagging the real thing.

9. For the TV lover: 2020’s best TV

Best luxury gifts: LG OLED TV (Photo: Reviewed / Michael Desjardin)

We review a LOT of televisions at Reviewed, and the best one we've ever tested is the LG C9. The quality of the OLED 4K/HDR smart TVs (available in 55-, 65-, and 77-inch sizes) is just as good as the competition, and it's almost the most affordable one in the lineup. If you're looking to spend less, we also highly recommend the LG CX series. If one of these TVs is in your gift budget, you absolutely can't go wrong giving someone the gift of OLED this year, as many people are likely watching TV now more than before.

10. For the luxurious cook: All-Clad Cookware Set

Best luxury gifts: All-Clad Cookware Set (Photo: Macy's)

All-Clad is certainly one of the most iconic cookware brands. The pots and pans can last for years, as long as you take care of them properly, and they make a great gift for anyone who doesn't already own All-Clad cookware or hasn't upgraded their kitchen and cooking product library in a while. For the set to buy, we tested and recommend the D5 Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set.

11. For the one who likes to keep warm: Moncler or Canada Goose Coat

Best luxury gifts: Canada Goose jacket (Photo: Samantha Matt & Nordstrom)

For those who live in colder climates, a luxurious winter coat would be a great gift, especially this year for those who may want to spend more time outside than usual. Canada Goose jackets are expensive, but the down-filled coats are temperature-rated for below zero weather—and they really do make cold winters bearable. I used to refuse to go outside unless I absolutely had to on cold days, but investing in this Canada Goose jacket totally changed that. I own the Gabriola in black, but it's currently out of stock at Nordstrom. There are other great options are there for both men and women, too. Another brand to consider is Moncler. Pricier than Canada Goose, these coats are stylish and have been spotted on a number of celebrities. They're also low in stock at a variety of retailers meaning they are in high demand for the holidays!

12. For the one who is always tired: Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Best luxury gifts: Leesa Hybrid Mattress (Photo: Leesa)

A good night's sleep might be the MOST luxurious gift you can give to someone in 2020. But since we can't actually give sleep or more time in the day to do so as a gift, a top-notch mattress is a close second. The Leesa Hybrid Mattress was deemed the "best upgrade" when we tested mattresses, and who wouldn't appreciate an upgrade that could help them sleep?

13. For the runner: Theragun

Best luxury gifts: Theragun (Photo: Theragun)

For anyone into health and fitness, the gift of recovery would be well received in the year of 2020. Much like we could all use rest and relaxation, so could our muscles, and that's exactly what the Theragun—one of the hottest products of 2020—does. Reviewed's Kate McCarthy tested four of the most popular massage guns and found the Theragun to be great "if you have a large budget and want some serious muscle stimulation."

14. For the one who has everything: La Mer Moisturizing Crème

Best luxury gifts: La Mer Moisturizing Cream (Photo: Sephora)

La Mer is an expensive moisturizer with a cult following—and also a perfect gift if you want to ball out on someone. La Mer moisturizing cream has over 60,000 hearts at Sephora and over 2,100 reviews at Nordstrom with a 5-star rating. That is a lot of love. Why not spread it? (Pun not intended.)

15. For the one who enjoys when people do things for them: The best robot vacuum of 2020

Best luxury gifts: Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum (Photo: iRobot)

Keeping a clean home is a luxurious thing when you’re not the one cleaning it. That’s why robot vacuums were created. If you have a good one, it will do the work for you, and the more room you have to splurge, the harder it will work. The best robot vacuum we've ever tested at Reviewed is the iRobot Roomba i7+. This Roomba can empty its dirt bin all by itself and then continue vacuuming. It is truly the most luxurious robot vacuum we've seen, and we're sure anyone you buy it for will like it, too. There's never been a better year to give a robot vacuum as a gift. We all have a lot going on, whether we're home more often than usual or not. I think we can all agree, no one wants to clean! Or maybe this is just me.

16. For the simple one: David Yurman jewelry

Best luxury gifts: David Yurman jewelry (Photo: Nordstrom & David Yurman)

David Yurman jewelry has been quite popular throughout the past couple of years. For anyone who enjoys the simple luxury of jewelry, you can't go wrong with two of the most popular David Yurman items—the Cable Classics Bracelet and the X Crossover Ring. To make it even more luxurious, you can purchase a bracelet with a gemstone of your choice.

17. For the one who needs to block out noise: Sony 1000XM4 Noise Canceling Headphones

Best luxury gifts: Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones (Photo: Sony)

We love Sony’s Noise Canceling Headphones at Reviewed. In fact, WH-1000XM4 headphones are the best noise-cancelling headphones we've ever tested. If you know someone who could use the (forced) peace and quiet, especially if they're working from home with others, this luxurious gift could help them drown out the noise of the outside world and focus on the tasks at hand. Or they can use them to relax and listen to music or podcasts. Dealer's choice.

18. For the family: Yeti cooler

Best luxury gifts: Yeti Cooler (Photo: Yeti)

Yeti's Tundra coolers have a cult-following and would make a great gift for anyone spending more time outside this year. Great for socially distant gatherings, and future excursions because these coolers will last for years to come, a coveted Yeti cooler would be loved by anyone. The 35 size is great for most people, but Yeti does have a selection of other sizes available.

19. For the one who loves their beauty sleep: Slip Silk Beauty Sleep Gift Set

Best luxury gifts: Slip Silk Beauty Sleep Gift Set (Photo: Anthropologie)

If you're looking for a luxe self-care gift, this set from Slip is a great option. The silk pillowcase and mask help protect facial skin and hair while sleeping, leaving one to wake up feeling like they slept on a cloud.

20. For the home chef: Staub Dutch Oven

Best luxury gifts: Staub Dutch Oven (Photo: Staub)

You’ve probably heard of, seen, or owned a Le Creuset dutch oven. They are one of the most popular wedding gifts for newlyweds and, like KitchenAid stand mixers, a kitchen staple for adults everywhere. However, when we tested dutch ovens at Reviewed, our favorite overall was not Le Creuset—it was Staub! We're not the only ones loving this brand, either. Their cookware is all over food blogs and Instagram. Trendy and luxurious, this is a great gift for home chefs this year.

21. For the one always listening to something: Apple AirPods Pro

Best luxury gifts: Apple AirPods Pro (Photo: / Jackson Ruckar)

According to our tests, Apple’s cult-favorite AirPods Pro are the best true wireless earbuds money can buy. If you’re shopping for a lover of all things Apple, they will adore a pair of these. For listening to music while working out, using Bluetooth for phone calls, and even listening to podcasts while loading and unloading the dishwasher, AirPods Pro make a great gift.

22. For the one who will never have enough bags: A designer bag

Best luxury gifts: Designer Bags (Photo: Nordstrom)

If you're looking to splurge on someone who is into fashion, consider a chic designer handbag. This particular Chloé bag is stylish, chic, and calling my name through its calfskin leather material. With 4.5 stars from over 150 happy people, you’ve got a winner here. For a smaller, crossbody bag, a fantastic option is the Saint Laurent Lou Matelassé Leather Camera Bag.

23. For the one into movie night: Nebula Portable Projector

Best luxury gifts: Nebula Projector (Photo: Amazon)

Having a movie theater in your home sounds pretty luxurious, but you probably aren’t giving someone a home remodel or expansion for the holidays. Well, what about a projector? With the Nebula, which is loved by Reviewed, you can binge-watch Netflix in 720p on your own DIY big screen. If you know someone who misses going to the movies or anyone who could benefit from bringing family movie night outdoors, the Nebula would make an excellent gift this year.

24. For the wine lover: Coravin Wine Bottle Opener

Best luxury gifts: Coravin Model Three Wine Bottle Opener (Photo: Coravin)

If you're shopping for a wine drinker, look no further than the Coravin Model Three Wine Bottle Opener. Not only does it make opening bottles easier, but this luxury device prevents the wine from spoiling because it never removes the cork.

25. For the neat freak: Dyson vacuum

Best luxury gifts: Dyson Vacuum (Photo: Dyson)

Okay, so a vacuum might not scream 'luxury,' but attach the word 'Dyson' next to anything, and all of a sudden, you have a luxe gift on your hands. If you're looking to splurge on someone who loves to clean, look no further than a Dyson stick vacuum. Our favorite vacuum, the Dyson V11 Torque, would make for the ultimate gift.

26. For the fitness enthusiast: Peloton Bike+ or Bike

Best luxury gifts: Peloton Bike or Bike+ (Photo: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar)

The Peloton Bikes are cycling bikes with a tablet screen that displays live and on-demand classes. As a longtime Peloton owner, I can safely say Peloton classes are challenging, fun, and quite luxurious, seeing as you don't have to leave home for any of it. Peloton recently released a new version of their classic bike this year called the Bike+ and after testing exercise bikes this year, we found it to the best one on the market right now. If you're looking to splurge, but you want to spend a little less, the classic Peloton is still a great purchase and will let them join the exclusive (and growing) group of Peloton enthusiasts.

27. For the home décor enthusiast: Gray Malin Artwork

Best luxury gifts: Gray Malin Artwork (Photo: Gray Malin)

Gray Malin is a popular photographer and New York Times best-selling author. His colorful photos of beaches and artistic shots of llamas (my favorite) are loved by celebrities and regular people alike. Some of the most popular photographs? Pool Day at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Positano Orange Umbrellas Vista, and Gray Malin X Rockefeller Center Tree. If you know someone who would obsess over these photos, give them the gift of fun fine art this year with a framed print from Gray Malin.

28. For the Dyson lover: Dyson air purifier

Best luxury gifts: Dyson Air Purifier (Photo: / Jackson Ruckar)

With COVID-19 cases surging again, a gift to help loved ones protect themselves against the virus would be much appreciated—especially if it's a gift made by Dyson. While no air purifier has been able to test against the virus, experts say that using one to clean the air in your home is a good thing to do if used along with other best practices, like washing your hands and wearing a mask. We tested air purifiers and found the best upgrade to be the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic. Right now, that one is sold out, but Dyson sells different versions of it, along with other air purifiers, so there are still plenty to choose from.

29. For the homebody: Ugg slippers

Best luxury gifts: Ugg Slippers (Photo: UGG)

2020 has been the year of the homebody. Whether they've always been a homebody or they've been home more than usual this year, you can't go wrong with the gift of slippers—especially Ugg slippers, which are crazy trendy right now. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been testing women’s slippers, and so far, the Ugg Scuffette II Slipper is our favorite. The insanely popular Ugg Fluff Yeah sandal slippers are also a favorite (of our tester, a variety of celebrities, and over 5,000 reviewers on Nordstrom), but these are more for someone into fashion. Ugg also carries great slippers for men, including the Ascot Leather Slipper and the Scuff Slipper.

The product experts at Reviewed have all your shopping needs covered this holiday season. Follow Reviewed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Prices are accurate at the time of publication but may change over time.

For the Home

Dyson Vacuum

For those of us who have spent a whole lot more time at home over the past year, it has become apparent that more time at home means more mess. That's why treating dad to an actually good vacuum would be a very nice gesture. This handheld model from Dyson has all that Dyson power with a long, thin attachment to get all those crumbs from behind the oven and between cabinets.


It wasn't abundantly clear, I am obsessed with my Aerogarden. It has allowed me to grow a true bounty of herbs (and even cherry tomatoes) in my small Brooklyn apartment. It requires minimal effort and returns maximum plant-parent pride. For any dad who has an unexercised green thumb or black thumb for that matter, an Aerogarden will provide him endless entertainment and better-tasting food.

Salt Box

Another office dad, Daniel Gritzer, has written at length about why you should own a salt pig, and this one by Bee House is his new favorite. Unlike other salt pigs that have wide openings (for crumbs and drips to get in), this one features a nice cypress top to keep your salt fresh for whenever you need it.

Wireless Headphones

Hey! How did headphones get onto this gift guide? Well, you can blame Daniel once again for that. I'm just going to let him speak for these ones.

"I know, this doesn't seem like much of a cooking rec. But I've been using these in the kitchen more than I would have ever guessed. First, they're wireless, which is an important safety consideration when cooking: wired headphones can snag and pull on pots, knives, cabinet handles, and more. But they're also bone-conduction headphones, which means they don't block your hearing, instead sending the sound vibrations through your skull. This, to me, is key, because cooking isn't just a visual exercise—sounds matter, too. I can tell by the sizzle in a pan whether onions are about to burn or a steak isn't cooking hard enough, not to mention a potential hazard like a pot boiling over or a person passing behind me. This is the only solution I've found that allows me to listen to safely listen to whatever I want while cooking and still hear everything that's going on around me."

Yeti Cooler

If you haven't been leaving home too often, a good cooler can still be remarkably useful. Sho uses his to store drinks that otherwise take up a lot of space in the fridge. And if dad does want to have a barbecue or leave the house, he can take his cooler with him, filled with all the drinks and meats and cheeses he could want for a tasty backyard party of one.

Good Reads

Maybe dad needs some new recipes. For something to inspire and look good on the shelf, we recommend without reservation two new books from two of our very talented contributors. The first is The Arabesque Table: Contemporary Recipes from the Arab World by Reem Kasis. In her pages, you’ll find 130 gorgeous recipes that run the gamut from traditional to contemporary, like Makmoora (a chicken and pint nut pot pie) and tahini cheesecake.

There’s also The Flavor Equation by our food science columnist, Nik Sharma, which offers meticulously tested recipes, beautiful photos, and the information you need to make really, really good food.

This BuzzFeed Kitchen Gadget Makes You the Best Chef Ever

To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories.

To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories.

Even if you don't know Tasty, BuzzFeed's food vertical, you've seen its work. Specifically those overhead-shot, quick-cutting videos showing you how to make tropical shrimp and pineapple grilled skewers, or churro ice cream bowls, or slow cooker honey garlic chicken. Tasty became a dynasty by mixing recipes, food porn, and the kind of no-sound-required videos that work so well on social media. It makes cooking look so easy, and makes the end result look so delicious. Now everyone on the internet copies Tasty's style, but nobody does it as well.

Many of Tasty's videos share one thing in common: Food is boiled, seared, and sous vided atop an induction cooktop, a simple mini-stove that's good for everything from keeping food warm to augmenting the teensy burners in your teensy apartment kitchen. Now, BuzzFeed's making its own: the Tasty One Top, a $149 "precision smart cooktop" that connects to a new Tasty app, helps you prepare Tasty recipes, and ensures maximum Tasty tastiness for all your cooking needs.

BuzzFeed's made merch for a while now, but its offerings skew more poop-emoji pool floats than high-end appliances. But for Ben Kaufman, the head of BuzzFeed's Product Lab, the One Top fits Tasty's vibe perfectly. Millions of people are already used to seeing it on-screen in Tasty videos, and the gadget is useful for all sorts of cooking. Want to try 16 One-Pot Dinners That Are Actually Healthy? How about 17 Egg-Cooking Hacks That Are Borderline Genius, or 28 Mediterranean Recipes You Should Make ASAP? The One Top can handle them all.

Review: Stasher Bags for Sous Vide

It also makes Tasty’s recipes even easier to replicate. Even with easy-to-follow instructions, cooking along with the videos can be a challenge, since everything from your elevation to your particular stove can change the results. "What we were really struggling with or thinking about is, how can we make cooking more reliable, take the guesswork out?" Kaufman says. "How can we make it more comfortable…for people to express themselves and be them?" Now that the Tasty app can control both timing and temperature, it can ensure the right result even if your setup differs from the one in the BuzzFeed studio. Which, inevitably, it does.

Over the last year, as it developed the One Top, a team within BuzzFeed filed 1,700 Tasty recipes into a sortable database, so when you open the app you can sort by "BBQ" or "Under 30 Minutes" and quickly find a bunch of suitable ideas. Pick one and the One Top helps you cook it. The gadget syncs with the app's step-by-step instructions, using its built-in sensors to let you know when the time is right to flip your steak or drop in the veggies. "You basically set medium rare, or medium, and then it’ll tell you exactly when to flip it over and when to take it off," Kaufman says. You can also cook in manual mode, but, you know, boring.

In its actual functionality, the One Top doesn't sound much different than your average induction cooktop. Thanks to the cool blue color and pentagonal shape, it's certainly better-looking than most, which Kaufman loves—leave it to BuzzFeed to make the most Instagrammable thing on your counter. Mercifully there's no Tasty logo on the One Top, but Kaufman says the shape alone makes it iconic. "We make top-down videos," he says. "It was all about that silhouette." He's excited to make One Top-specific videos going forward, offering people more complicated recipes that the app can help manage. And pretty soon, you'll start to see the One Top in plenty of Tasty videos, a cook's-eye-view of that blue pentagon preparing Easy Three-Ingredient Vegetable Side Dishes or Healthy Chicken Parmesan Dinner for Two, or whatever else comes through your Facebook feed that you can't help but salivate over. Thanks to that bit of extra help, it might even taste as good as it looks.

33 Hostess Gifts That Actually Feel Special

Any good host or hostess knows how to make the most of the unexpected&mdashand any guest knows not to arrive without a hostess gift in hand, especially when hosting right now comes with its own risks and health concerns. Virtual gatherings may have replaced in-person ones a lot this year, but even as the number of people vaccinated rises and COVID case numbers decline, outdoor gatherings are the safest way to gather in person during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hopefully, you&rsquore prepared for any invitation with a stack of host and hostess gifts wrapped and ready to give your friends and family along the way. If you&rsquore not, it&rsquos never too late&mdasha belated mailed hostess gift is better than nothing at all. With a little planning, though, you could easily become the type of person who shows up at the party with a handy hostess gift tucked neatly under your arm.

This year, why not give your hostess a gift that&rsquos not just nice&mdashone that&rsquos truly special, too? The problem with a lot of hostess gift ideas is that the presents can feel a bit impersonal. Rather than giving a generic this is nice gift this year, we want to help you give a this is nice for her gift, no matter your budget.

Hosting a party is a lot of work even without the added health concerns (and need for individual portions) we&rsquore all facing right now, so show your friends and family members how much you appreciate their graciousness, generosity, and hosting know-how with a thoughtful and unique gift. From the hostess who loves to dazzle with bold decorative touches to the hostess who's famous for her baking prowess, this list of hostess gift ideas has the perfect present to thank her for her effort. And if you&rsquore the one hosting some parties this year, don&rsquot forget to grab a little something for yourself&mdashthere&rsquos nothing wrong with a little self-appreciation.

So before your next outdoor party (or any type of party) gets here, stock up on some trusty gifts. Here, we&rsquove rounded up some of the year&rsquos best host and hostess gifts. These finds will wow the party thrower (and their guests) for plenty of spirit-boosting events to come.

Krups Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder

Kia Damon, chef and founder of Kia Feeds the People Program, tells SELF that while she doesn’t own a lot of small appliances, she doesn’t know what she’d do without this one. “I use it for creating my own spice blends for chicken rubs or braising short ribs. If you’re a baker, you can use it for sweeter blends for cookies or sweet rolls,” she explains. “It can’t fit a large bulk like a food processor, but it’s perfect for those of us who have nowhere to fit one.”

5 Small Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

Because I can’t completely ignore issues of kitchen size and budget in these recommendations, I hedged a bit and offered two options to meet the same need. For example, a food processor is an essential tool, at any size. If you can only afford or have space for a small, three-cup version, that totally works. (And may even be preferable depending on what you plan to use it for.)

1. A food processor

This is the one tool that can do so many things in the kitchen. A larger 12-cup or more capacity is really handy if you have a family to feed, or you like to double or triple whatever recipe you’re working on. But don’t discount how much you can do with a mini-prep food processor! For years I only had a three-cup food processor, and I worked that thing into the ground. (Anne felt the same way.)

Our Picks

2. A blender

A blender of some kind is an incredibly useful tool to have in the kitchen. But there’s a great debate over whether you need a countertop blender, or if you can get by with an immersion blender. (Kristin only uses an immersion blender, for example, while Christine switched back to her countertop blender.)

If you go the countertop route, it’s probably worth it to upgrade to a high-end model for the sheer power and versatility. But if you’re low on space and need a reliable, multi-functioning tool that’ll whip or purée with ease, an immersion blender is the way to go.

Our Picks

3. An electric mixer

There are two options for an electric mixer: a stand mixer or a hand mixer. If you bake a lot, you should probably get a stand mixer. It’s the number-one recommended kitchen splurge for avid bakers, according to our readers. In short, it will make your life easier.

If you’re not a big baker, most home cooks do fine with just a hand mixer for the occasional mixing task — beating egg whites, making whipped cream, or getting a smooth cake batter.

Our Picks

4. A pressure cooker

Say what? Yes. We have fully converted to the cult of the pressure cooker, so much so that we think it deserves a spot in every kitchen. It beats out the slow cooker in our view, especially if you’re tight on space. Then again, if you want the best of both worlds, get the Instant Pot! It totally lives up to the hype.

5. An electric kettle

An electric kettle is one of those deceptively essential small appliances you don’t think it’s necessary until you have one, and then you realize you use it all the time, possibly more than any other single small appliance in your kitchen. It’s more energy-efficient than boiling water on the stove, and 10 times as fast. If you drink a fair amount of coffee or tea, it’s a game-changer. As Faith so aptly put it, “an electric kettle is a wonderful thing.”

Our Picks

So, there you have it — our picks for the five essential small appliances that should be in every kitchen (with a few options for personalization!).

What do you think? What are your five must-have small appliances?

Cambria was an editor for both Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn for eight years, from 2008 through 2016.

The Best Mail-Order Food Gifts from Every State

For many Americans, 2020 has been the year of sitting still, or at very least, slowing down. In a country where mobility has always been the norm, we can all agree that the learning curve hasn&apost been much of a curve at all, but rather more like a 90-degree angle shooting off into the unknown.

When the music stopped in March and so many of us went indoors for weeks on end, the news that online shopping had increased tenfold surprised absolutely no one-we were all on the same websites, witnessing the virtual pandemonium, clicking furiously to no avail. 

And still, once the internet figured out how to cope, many of us learned a thing or two about the joys of having the world, or at least a tiny taste of it, dropped off-no contact, please-at our front doors. 

During the last nine months-or has it been nine years, who&aposs counting?-most businesses have learned how to deliver and ship, with footfall in some cases suddenly non-existent. Restaurants, butcher shops, coffee roasters, supermarkets-in so many cases, the process has become more efficient than before. No lines, no waits, no putting on pants can we keep it this way forever? 

Nearly overnight, ordering dry-aged steaks off the internet went from curiosity to essential self-care. The finest coffees from all over the country, top-quality grains, charcuterie, award-winning cheeses, cakes and pies and ice cream and other coping tools-who knew there was a whole world out there, just a few clicks (and an oversubscribed credit card) away?

This story was conceived as a modest gift guide, released in time for the holiday season. After a year of exploring the best in American mail-order food, this has now become sort of a travelogue as well, a recounting of the places we&aposve been, virtually anyway.

Better still, this can also be read as a shopping list, and often a practical one. From top-quality heirloom beans to the very best American rice, and the most essential domestic olive oils, eating well doesn&apost have to break the budget, and you never had to leave the house to make it happen. Sound good? Read on.


An industrious mother-daughter team is behind the array of creative condiments, preserves, and pickled things being produced at Stone Hollow Farmstead. Paired with good olive oil, their turmeric and ginger-infused apple cider vinegars would make an ideal salad dressing, not that you&aposll get that far, these are just so drinkable. Farm sampler box for $60, via Food 52

By now, most barbecue appreciators have likely tried Alabama&aposs famous white sauce, a former best-kept secret that has more recently gone national. Bottles of the original, from Big Bob Gibson in Decatur, where they&aposve been slathering it on smoked chicken for generations, are just a few clicks away. 3-16 oz bottles, $21.99 at Amazon

Got grits? Some of the most celebrated restaurants in the country have been known to source theirs-organic, stone-ground-from McEwen & Sons in Wilsonville. 10 oz. white grits $4.95 at


There&aposs more to those wild, far-northern waters than some of the world&aposs best salmon. Wildfish Cannery in Klawock harvests, smokes, and hand-packs all sorts of exciting alternatives, from geoduck to octopus to herring-and yes, salmon, too. 6 oz. from $9 at

Another less-than-obvious thing they&aposre pulling out of the water these days in Alaska? Delicious, nutritious kelp. Barnacle Foods in Juneau harvests only the best for their pickles and preserves bull kelp and piri piri peppers work in harmony to create one exceptional hot sauce. 5.5 oz. for $5.95 at

Looking for a reliable supplier of wild-caught sockeye? Farm Foods sources from a small, sustainable salmon fishing operation in Alaska&aposs Southeast, shipping around the country with considerable efficiency. Guaranteed to arrive frozen. 5 lbs. $99 (free shipping for 10 lbs. or more) via


A revival of ancient grain tradition is one of our favorite Arizona food stories right now. Hayden Flour Mills in Queen Creek is a modern-day reincarnation of an 1800s operation, working with White Sonora wheat from small, local growers-nicely-packaged flours make a great gift for the baker in your life. 2 lbs. for $8.99 at

Flavorful chiltepin peppers are another Sonoran Desert native, favored by the pre-colonial population but nearly lost in modern times now, the pea-sized beauties are enjoying a renaissance. Chilttepica in Tucson is one specialist. 1 oz. (dried) for $15 at

Complete your Southwest-centric pantry restock with one more local treasure-pure, chile-infused Sonoran Desert salt from Desert Provisions. 3.4 oz., red or green for $15 at 

Wine from Arizona isn&apost just a great conversation starter at parties-land a really good bottle, and it&aposs like you&aposre there, taking in those singular landscapes Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan&aposs Caduceus Cellars in quirky Jerome is currently shipping an interesting high elevation, 100% Arizona Tempranillo from 2018. $125 at


Arkansas produces more rice than any state in the country, but at the women-owned Ralston Family Farms, it&aposs all about quality over quantity. Every single last grain is grown, harvested and milled right here their purple and red rices make a great statement on any dinner table. 6-24 oz. packages for $36 at

Finally, a chocolate for the rest of us-the tongue-in-cheek Festivus bar from Markham & Fitz in Bentonville is an attractively packaged, non-holiday treat made with Haitian dark chocolate, cranberries, orange zest, and cacao nibs. Pairs well with the annual Airing of Grievances, which this year might take longer than usual-maybe order extra. 2 oz. for $9 at


No kitchen counter is complete without a bottle of top-quality olive oil, and these days, you&aposll find some fine candidates among a crop of increasingly affordable New World offerings. One problem, however-rising popularity, driven in part by concerns over lack of accountability in the European olive oil industry, is now pushing some California producers into purchasing olives from overseas, bringing us right back where we started. Brightland sources from just one Central Coast family farm, creating some of the most fashionable American olive oils, right now-complemented by some excellent vinegars, we&aposll add. 4 bottle sampler for $112 at

Speaking of the best of the Central Coast, how are we for wine? From Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo and all the way up toward Santa Cruz, from tried-and-true pinots to more obscure, exciting varietals, you&aposre presented with an array of choices, too much choice, in fact. ships a slew of regional offerings to most states-we&aposll be bringing a big blast of summer sun to our socially-distanced holiday hangouts with the top-rated 2019 Vin Gris de Cigare from Bonny Doon Vineyard, one of the state&aposs more interesting wineries. $14.99 via

Flirting with more than meat-free Mondays in 2021? Prize-winning heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo-and an Instant Pot to speed up the cooking process-should go a long way toward getting you excited about your new plant-based life. Steve Sando&aposs Napa-based operation sources from the finest growers in the West, and the resulting product is unparalleled in the United States. Demand is high-you&aposll have to be patient-but the ordering process is quick and easy. 1 lb. from $5.95 at

Some of the best peaches west of the Mississippi come from Frog Hollow Farm east of San Francisco, but the fun doesn&apost stop once the early summer season ends-this is California, after all, there&aposs always something growing. Year-round, the farm offers a box of mixed organic fruits. Right now, look for heirloom apples, pears, avocados, and citrus. $75 includes shipping, via

Taco Tuesdays at home will never be the same once you discover the seasoned meats for sale from Chico&aposs Rancho Llano Seco, a family farm known in Northern California for quality beef and pork. A handy taco sampler includes Al Pastor, Chili Colorado, New Mexican Green Chili, and Basque Chorizo. 3 lbs. for $49 at


Casting your eyes upon-and then tasting, of course-the exemplary salamis, or a hunk of the spicy coppa, from Denver&aposs Elevation Meats, you might not have guessed that the company grew out of an after-hours hobby for cured meats enthusiast Chad Nelan. Only the best, heritage breed pork is used here, and the results are impressive. 2 lbs. coppa, spicy or regular, for $50 at

Plenty of farms claim to be sustainable Corner Post Ranch in Colorado Springs operates on conservation land managed by the Audubon Society, which certifies the pasture-raised meats. They&aposre a favorite among regional chefs, and available for shipping nationwide. Subscriptions available from $125 per box, includes shipping, at


Nobody would fault you for looking anywhere but the mostly respectable Litchfield Hills for one of the best new distilleries in the country. Litchfield Distillery has been doing their best to pull focus from some of the more expected places, and their charred oak cask-aged straight bourbon has won some significant awards for good reason. 750 ml for $56.95, ships to many states, at

Some of Southern New England&aposs finest cheeses-all from raw, Jersey milk-come from the small but mighty Cato Corner Farm near Colchester. The tantalizingly ripe Hooligan is a soft, washed-rind gem that will add some serious funk to your holiday cheese plate. 1.2 lbs. for $36 at


As a state, Pennsylvania easily consumes the most scrapple by volume each year, but the number one producer of the Mid-Atlantic&aposs favorite snout-to-tail breakfast meat will be found, as any proud Delawarean can tell you, right here in the Wilmington area. Send a few pounds of Habersett&aposs-in business since 1863, they must be doing something right-to someone you love this year. 4 lbs. for $69 includes shipping, via Goldbelly

Not ready to let go of those summer memories? Relive it all-from a safe distance-with the aid of some salt water taffy from Snyder&aposs Candy in Rehoboth Beach. 1 lb. assorted, $8.99 at


Holiday season in the Sunshine State means citrus season. Why not go old school and send everybody honeybells, that magnificent meeting of tangerine and grapefruit, from Hale Groves? The long-running family farm in the Indian River region is prized for its quality. 12 honeybells for $21.99, pre-order for January 2021 delivery, at

Looking to get a little wild? Miami Fruit sources tropical varietals, from watermelon guavas to yellow dragonfruit, from their own farm and throughout South Florida-and, yes, key limes by the boxful. Sampler boxes from $67 at

And should you require a shipment of passionfruit in the dead of winter, the iconic Robert Is Here farmstead in the Redland can do that-their classic preserves make for an easy and affordable Florida-themed gift. 10.5 oz. Florida Honeybell Marmalade for $5.95 at

Tropical fruits and quality chocolate come together at Norman Love Confections in Fort Myers signature flavor samplers can be purchased online. 15 pcs for $59.95 at

While everybody loves a key lime pie, shipping them can be an expensive proposition key lime bundt cakes-an Oprah Favorite Thing, mind you-from We Take The Cake in Fort Lauderdale are a practical alternative, but still just as thoughtful. $49, includes shipping, at


One of the best cheesemakers in the South, Sweet Grass Dairy (in charming Thomasville, which you should visit) has been raising the bar in the region for two decades now their subtle, soft-ripened, double cream Green Hill has become a staple both in Georgia and beyond. Pick up a party-ready box of cheeses and charcuterie, sourced from Atlanta maker Spotted Trotter. In the mix you&aposll find some of the best pimento cheese on the market, plus a jar of peach bourbon cardamom preserves from Thomasville&aposs own Blackberry Patch. $135 charcuterie collection at

Did you know that Georgia produces its own olive oil? Getting your hands on the 100% estate-grown product from Lanier County&aposs Georgia Olive Farms can be next to impossible there are too many chefs ahead of you in line. The family-run operation does sell a very fine domestic blend, however. 500 ml for $35 at


For the home baker that has everything, give the gift of estate-grown American vanilla the Hawaiian Vanilla Co. sells pods and 100% pure extracts-twice as strong as the usual, store-bought varieties-along with other thoughtful gifts from the Aloha State. 2 oz. for $18 at

Send your next cheese plate on a tropical vacation with award-winning fruit pastes from Maui Fruit Jewels. Flavors like passionfruit and guava lend a distinctly Hawaiian twist to a European tradition. 4 oz. for $7.50 at

Using only Hawaiian cocoa beans, chocolate bars from Waialua Estate on Oahu&aposs North Shore are well worth seeking out. Cacao is traditionally grown within 20 degrees latitude of the Equator, but Hawaii, which lies just outside that range, has more recently discovered that in some cases, breaking with tradition can be a good thing. 6 pack of 2 oz. bars, for $60 at

One of the easiest kitchen gifts you can give from Hawaii? Traditional, unprocessed table salt, rich in natural minerals and appreciated for its reddish color. Honolulu harvester Hawaiian Pa&aposAkai sells on Amazon. 16 oz. medium grain for $8.98 on


Take a trip back in time with the retro offerings from Idaho Candy Company, founded in 1901 and still manufacturing only-in-Idaho sweets like the Idaho Spud bar, a chocolate covered (and coconut dusted) marshmallow confection meant to evoke the state&aposs other famous export. Made with agar agar instead of gelatin, the candy was originally marketed as a "healthful" alternative. 24 pack for $39, includes shipping, at

You&aposll find the American Wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork from Snake River Farms at some of America&aposs top steak houses-but did you know you can have that same, top-quality meat delivered directly to your kitchen counter? Monthly beef and pork subscription boxes from $225 at


The bloomy rind Fleur du la Prairie, a goat cheese from Champaign&aposs Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery, stylishly studded with herbs and edible flowers, is currently one of the more sought-after cheeses in the state, and while it&aposs not available year-round, other standouts include the Pelota Roja, a semi-hard raw cow&aposs milk cheese with a guajillo chile and olive oil rub, originally created for Rick Bayless. 4 oz. for $7 at

Another Illinois essential: 12-month cave-aged Tomme from the Jersey cows at Marcoot Jersey Creamery in Greenville. 8 oz. for $9.99 at

Need some fruit with that cheese? Try the bright and beautiful jams and curds from Rare Bird in Chicago strawberry-rhubarb preserves will bring a welcome blast of warm sunshine to any dark December day. Two 8 oz. jars for $26 at

There&aposs more to Quad Cities culinary tradition than some of our favorite pizza in the Midwest-for more than a century, Lagomarcino&aposs has been supplying the region with spectacular sponge candy, hot fudge and more. 1 lb. for $25.95, ships during the winter months only, at


Next-gen charcutier Chris Eley&aposs flair for the unexpected has earned him national acclaim-his Indianapolis shop, Smoking Goose, turns out everything from duck prosciutto to an irreverently good gin and juice salami, made with juniper berries and orange zest. There are also beautiful bacons, sausages, and hams. Charcuterie board for 12 to 16 people for $69, includes shipping, at

You can&apost have great charcuterie without great pork, which isn&apost a problem in a state like Indiana Eley sources much of his from Gunthorp Farms, which will send you a pecan-smoked Duroc ham brined in strawberry-rhubarb cider-a marvelous addition to any Christmas table. 4 to 5 lbs for $110 at

Not even a decade has passed since the gorgeous cured meats from Norwalk&aposs La Quercia first walked into our lives, and already it&aposs difficult to imagine a time when they weren&apost here. The Eckhouse family is still producing some of the most elegant prosciutto this side of the Mediterranean, but the product line has expanded considerably, and shipping nationwide is a snap. Have you not yet been introduced? Sampler pack for $89, includes shipping, at

America&aposs most iconic blue cheese-the one from Maytag Dairy Farms, of course-also happens to represent great value. Not only will they sell you a giant hunk online, but they also offer tubs of cold pack blue cheese spread, which we absolutely want to party with at some point. 2 lb. wheel for $37 at


Some of the best tortillas being pressed in the country right now-available commercially that is, we don&apost know what goes on in your kitchen-come from Caramelo in Lawrence. Ruben Leal, a Sonora native working at the University of Kansas, started making his own when the local supply couldn&apost live up to his standards. Now, his side project has gone wide-available in pork fat, duck fat, and avocado oil. Order processing can take a while, make sure to order ahead. 12 pack from $5.99 at

The grasslands of the Flint Hills seem to go on forever-happy foraging grounds, then, for the cattle that roam one of the most beautiful regions along the Great Plains. Any barbecue hobbyist ought to try the grass-fed Flint Hills brisket from Sutphen Mill Farms, one of the high-quality suppliers to Farm Foods, which ships nationwide. 1.75 to 2 lbs. for $28.99 at


For the better part of the century-plus that Broadbent&aposs has been turning out some of the most sought-after country ham in the country, they didn&apost do anything so trifling as retail sales. Those dark days are over now, and you can have one of their dry-cured, hickory-smoked hams shipped directly to your door-for a very reasonable price, at that. 3 to 4 lbs. cooked and ready to eat country ham for $49.90 at

Didn&apost polish off the whole ham at dinner? Fry up some of the leftovers for breakfast the next morning-it pairs extraordinarily well with another regional specialty, 100% pure sorghum syrup from Oberholtzer&aposs Sorghum Mill. 21 oz. for $18.99 at

For well over a century, Bauer&aposs Candies in Louisville has been cranking out the caramel-enrobed marshmallow gems known as Modjeskas, named for a Polish actress that visited the city way back when they remain a local favorite. 20-pcs gift box, $20.50 at


Almost-winter in this part of the world means two important things, the first one being the return of the satsumas, Louisiana&aposs favorite citrus fruit. Jamboree Jams uses only the finest local fruit and peppers for their spicy satsuma marmalade-it&aposll give your morning toast a serious kick. 9.5 oz. for $10 at

That&aposs one thing, what&aposs two? Crawfish, of course-the season will be starting up just now, and Louisiana Crawfish, the number one live-shipper around, has shipped a complete Cajun crawfish boil directly to many a door, and why not yours? 10 lbs. for $69, includes shipping, at

The arrival of the holiday season also means Turducken from Hebert&aposs Specialty Meats in Natchitoches. Made from a deboned turkey stuffed with a boneless duck and a whole chicken, all layered with Cajun pork cornbread stuffing, it&aposs something you have to try at least once in your lifetime. They also sell a delicious crawfish au gratin. 16 lb. beast for $149, includes shipping, at

Got stocking stuffers? Snap up a box or three of pralines from Aunt Sally&aposs, making some of the best in New Orleans for roughly a century now, in flavors like café au lait and Bananas Foster. Box of 12 from $39, includes shipping, at


Some of the most prized flours in the country right now come from Maine Grains in Skowhegan, where they mill only the best local grains. The all-organic range, from pastry flour to pearled farro, will give your holiday baking a serious upgrade this year. 2 to 2.4 lb. bags of sifted wheat flour, $22 at

Mainers really love beans, but even better, Maine-grown beans-the heirloom varietals from Baer&aposs Best are something of a well-kept secret, and this year&aposs crop is due any minute now-you know what to do. Note: There is a 5 lb. minimum for shipping. 1 lb. Jacob&aposs Cattle heirloom beans, $6 at

Did you miss out on blueberry season this year? Hand-raked wilds-and the resulting jams-are available from Josh Pond Blueberries. 5 lbs. for $99, includes shipping, at

Appreciated for its medicinal qualities, chaga, a curious kind of mushroom, can be found growing on birch trees in cold climates, and Maine has all of those things in spades-The Chaga Guy forages the far northern wilds and sells his finds over the internet. 1 lb. cleaned and air dried, $20 at

Whether it&aposs the economy or rapidly warming waters, Maine&aposs most famous industry-lobster fishing-always seems to be in one kind of peril or another. Could harvesting wild kelp bring stability to the lives of lobster catchers, and help the environment to boot? That&aposs the bet at Atlantic Sea Farm, which works with fishermen up and down the Maine coast to create some fine, sought-after preserves. Try the entire product line for $44 at

Right, we were getting there-lobster. At Maine Lobster Now, the clue&aposs in the name all orders over $100 are shipped overnight delivery, free of charge. 1 lb. live lobster for $13.99 at


Oak barrel-aged Chesapeake fish peppers grown on small, family farms in the region, along with sea salt harvested from an ancient, under-mountain ocean in the Appalachians, combine to create Spike Gjerde&aposs singular Snake Oil Hot Sauce, made famous at his pioneering Baltimore restaurant, Woodberry Kitchen. Fair warning-this is one of those condiments you might end up buying again and again. 3.4 oz. for $7.95 at

Still, it&aposll take a lot of years for the relatively new arrival to sneak up on Maryland&aposs all-time favorite topper-why not stuff a giant can of Old Bay into the stocking of your favorite area expat, this year? 16 oz. for $11.91 at

Back-up plan: a giant can of caramel corn, dusted with-you guessed it-Old Bay, from Ocean City institution Fisher&aposs Popcorn. 6.5 gal. for $71.50 at


Barely a half-hour from Boston, the bayside town of Duxbury is home to Island Creek Oysters, one of the finest operations of its kind east of the Rockies. In fine weather, an afternoon at their waterfront oyster bar is one of our favorite things, but at this time of year, trying the product from this energetic, family-owned business is something you&aposll want to do at home. Oyster lovers fortunate enough to live within driving distance may order online and pick up from the retail store-for the rest of us, there&aposs nationwide shipping with guaranteed delivery on the day of your choice. Oyster of The Month Club, 3-month membership: $75/month for a total of $225, at

You&aposll have to send a ferry (or a plane) for some of the best cheeses being produced in Massachusetts right now. The Grey Barn & Farm on Martha&aposs Vineyard is favored for their fragrant Prufrock, a nicely-aged, soft-rind beauty made with organic milk straight from the farm. 8 oz. for $23 at

Some of the first candies to be sold commercially on this side of the world are still being produced by the Ye Olde Pepper Candie Co. in Salem blackjack molasses sticks are made using an 1800s recipe. 5 oz. for $5.99 at


Introduced to the Upper Peninsula in the 1800s by English miners and later adapted by Finnish immigrants, the humble pasty remains almost as much part of the cultural furniture north of the Straits of Mackinac as in their homeland of Cornwall, and the debate on who makes the best rages on. Only one thing to do, then-try as many as you can. Lawry&aposs in Marquette sticks close to the classic ideal: flaky crust, properly crimped along the edges, stuffed with beef, potato, onion, and rutabaga. 8-12 oz. pasties, $65.57 at

Couldn&apost make it to Mackinac this year? Bring the island to you, or send it to someone in the same predicament, with a sampler from Murdick&aposs, which ships their iconic fudge-choose from nearly a dozen flavors-anywhere in the United States and Canada. $79.95 at


One of the things you learn, traveling along Minnesota&aposs wild, wonderful North Shore, is that Lake Superior was named thusly for very good reason, and when it comes time to eat around here, there&aposs very little as essential as the trout and whitefish pulled from the lake&aposs chilly waters. In a word, the state&aposs ultimate edible gift. Northern Waters Smokehaus in Duluth is where you&aposll go, to have locally-caught smoked fish shipped they also happen to be really good with Alaskan salmon as well, if that&aposs of interest to you, and we&aposre guessing yes. Lake Superior Bounty Box, $65 at

Send a taste of Scandinavia-lefse, cardamom-scented julekake, the works, all locally baked, from Ingebretsen&aposs in Minneapolis, one of the country&aposs last great Scandinavian delis. Get your Christmas orders in early, they&aposll be busy just now. Julekake, $10 at


From the California Delta to North Florida, there&aposs some mighty fine rice being produced in this country. Any taste test must include the non-GMO, small-batch grains from Delta Blues Rice in Ruleville, operating from a 1,000-acre farm that&aposs been in the Arant family for roughly a century. Their rice (and rice grits) could turn you away from commodity rice forever. 5 lb. gift box, $25.99ਊt

Over in Como, Home Place Pastures is another family heirloom-around since the 1800s-that has adapted quite readily to the present day. Here, it&aposs all about some of the South&aposs highest-quality meat, a staple in many New Orleans kitchens and available for shipping nationwide. Buy a whole (or a half) cow or pig if you like, or maybe start with a sampler pack and work your way up? Generously portioned monthly boxes are a real bargain. Starting at $65 at

Looking for the best coffee roaster in Mississippi-and Louisiana and Alabama, too? Jackson&aposs Bean Fruit Coffee works like there&aposs all kinds of competition in the region, which there isn&apost, not at this level, anyhow it also happens to be one in an elite group of Black-owned coffee roasters. The current Ethiopian natural available for sale is a beaut. 12 oz., $16.50 at


For nearly a century, Alewel&aposs Country Meats in Warrensburg has been working hard at being one of the region&aposs best smokehouses, starting way back when with sausage recipes brought over from Germany and handed down in the family for generations. Today, their sugar-cured and hickory-smoked turkeys are a fixture on many holiday tables in Missouri. 9.5 lbs, $84 includes shipping, at

Much newer to the scene but moving toward that same level of indispensability rather quickly is Salume Beddu in St. Louis, where Mark Sanfilippo makes what has been called the best salami in the country. Sampler pack $69, includes shipping, at

You probably didn&apost know that Missouri is one of the largest producers of rice in the country, number four, to be precise the 100% Jasmine from Martin Rice Company, down near New Madrid, is a regional favorite for good reason. 2 lbs. for $8, ships nationwide, at

Think you don&apost like white chocolate? The singular, single-origin bars (sourced from the Philippines) made with organic cane sugar and goat&aposs milk from bean-to-bar pioneer Askinosie Chocolate in Springfield might just change your mind. 3 oz. for $10.50 at


Selling everything from elk jerky to jam made with the locally-favored Flathead cherries, and a fine buffalo salami, too, Chalet Market is an excellent one stop for Montana product, either sold by the piece or in prepared gift packs, for low-stress giving curated baskets from $18.99. Belgrade is also home to the state&aposs finest-quality chevre, produce by Amaltheia Organic Dairy have them ship a six-piece sampler. $42.99 at

Wild huckleberries are a classic taste of Montana Huckleberry Haven in Kalispell, on the doorstep of Glacier National Park, makes some fine jam, syrup and ice cream topping. 3-pc sampler, $39.99 includes shipping, at


Generations of Omahans have celebrated special occasions with the intricate Napoleon tortes made by the Mackevicius family at the Lithuanian Bakery. Something like an Eastern European interpretation of the French mille-feuille, these flaky, many-layered tortes, stuffed with pastry cream and jam, are currently being sold and shipped in the original flavor: vanilla apricot. From $59, includes shipping, at

Looking to impress somebody with your Nebraska knowledge? Send them a box of Runzas, that thoroughly New World interpretation of an Old World staple-think pasties made with soft, yeasty bread dough, rather than a flaky pastry crust, and you&aposre nearly there. Cult-favorite regional fast food chain Runza ships nationwide. One dozen sandwiches for $120, includes shipping, at

While a bottle of salad dressing might not make the same bold statement, the unique, tomato-based Dorothy Lynch dressing that was a hit on the 1940s country club circuit in Omaha is still quite popular today in that part of the world, where it is also proudly produced. 2-32 oz. bottles, $22.90 at


Fallon&aposs 2,500-acre Frey Ranch was a family farm in operation for at least a century and a half before the fifth generation came up with the idea to launch Nevada&aposs first and only estate distillery. Their flavorful, well-reviewed straight bourbon whiskey is the Nevada gift nobody will be expecting, unless of course they&aposre up on the latest developments in the spirits world. 750 ml. for $54.95 at

New Hampshire

A good deal of the credit for the long-overdue maturation of American hard cider culture goes to the pioneering work done at Farnum Hill Ciders in Lebanon, where Stephen Wood, who purchased his father&aposs orchard back in the 1980s, subsequently switched things up in a big way in a bid for survival, managing in the process to get a lot of people hooked on a better product. Their flavorful Extra Dry-and they do mean totally dry-is already a classic, and ships to most states. 750 ml. for $13.50 at

New Jersey

Okay, so they can&apost agree on what to call it, but on one front, all of New Jersey is united-the pork roll, or ham, from Taylor Provisions in Trenton is the greatest processed meat of all time. No need to pine for the stuff if you&aposre living far away from the Garden State fast, affordable shipping brings the quirky best friend to the breakfast sandwich right to your door in no time at all. 4-6 oz. packages for $32.99 + $14.49 shipping at

New York will claim the credit, because she&aposs just like that, but some of the best burgers in America are made right here in North Bergen, at Pat LaFrieda Meats. Their short rib and dry-aged steak Gold Label patties, a close cousin to the celebrated original served at Minetta Tavern in the city, are available for shipping. 8-6 oz. patties, $69, at

Been awhile since you had a proper crumb cake? Of course, if you&aposre from around here, you know that means more crumb, a lot more crumb, actually, than cake, not that we&aposre complaining. B&W Bakery in Hackensack has been making one of the best in the land for nearly a century, and they ship. Feeds 4 to 6 for $39, includes shipping, at

New Mexico

Here&aposs a little secret, if you didn&apost already know: some of the best bubbles in the country come from New Mexico. Gruet, now one of the largest producers of Methode Champenoise sparkling wines in North America, was founded here back in the 1980s by a wine-making family from actual Champagne, in actual France their domestic product offers fine value for money. 375 ml. Gruet Rose for $12.99 at

Lovely Los Poblanos in Albuquerque isn&apost just one of the country&aposs most memorable small inns it is also a working farm. From lavender salts to a delicious green chile jam, bringing the inn experience home with you is a snap. Gifts from $10 at

Typically, when you order Wagyu beef in this country, you&aposre getting American Wagyu-not so at Lone Mountain Wagyu, where they only deal in the 100%, full-blood original. Packages start at $59, includes shipping, at

And yes, of course, Hatch chiles-in season, which is late summer into fall, the Hatch Chile Farm will ship as much fresh as you can grab from the clutches of everybody else trying to get theirs. Right now, however, they&aposre still shipping out roast peppers, offered in mild, medium and hot. 5 lbs. for $85 at

New York

New York is wine country, but more than anything else, New York is Riesling country, and all doubters should be immediately gifted a bottle from the Finger Lakes. If you choose wisely, you could just end up changing hearts and minds. We&aposll go ahead and suggest you start with one of the dry beauties from Hermann J. Weimer-not the newest, hippest winery in the state by any stretch, but one of the best. $19.99 at

And what&aposs wine, without cheese? There was always plenty of the latter being produced upstate, but the last couple of decades have gifted us with a host of new classics-triple-cream Kunik from Nettle Meadow Farm in the Adirondacks, and buttery St. Stephen from Four Fat Fowl at the upper end of the Hudson Valley deserve their place on any New York cheese plate, for starters. Both available at Murray&aposs Cheese

Desperately seeking kitchen inspiration this winter? Heat things up with three of our favorite New York City condiment makers-start by upgrading your spice rack with a virtual trip to Burlap & Barrel, one of the more exciting local food startups in recent memory. Samplers at

Next, pick up some of the famous house chili oil from X&aposian Famous Foods, makers of some of the city&aposs best hand-pulled noodles, one of our favorite pre-pandemic (and, surely, post as well) weekday lunches. 12.5 fl. oz. for $16 at

Finish off your shopping binge with a jar of the high-end harissa with a preserved lemon twist from New York Shuk. 10 oz. for $16 at 

From chopped liver to transcendent Gaspe Nova, there&aposs no need to wait in line at Russ & Daughters, or for that matter, be anywhere near East Houston Street. Nationwide shipping at

North Carolina

Far more nuanced, more delicate, and much closer to what you&aposll find across the Atlantic than your classic Southern country ham, the prized hocks from Lady Edison in Chapel Hill come from the very finest heritage pigs in North Carolina, pasture-raised and aged from 12 to 18 months. Buy a whole one and spend 2021 eating the thing, or start low and aim high-either way, they ship. 3 oz. for $19.95 at

Meherwan Irani is one of Asheville&aposs favorite chefs he&aposs also the brains behind Spicewalla, which wants to change the way you cook at home with top-grade seasoning blends and expertly-sourced basics. Order the 18-piece starter kit-one of Oprah&aposs Favorite Things in 2019. $90 at

North Dakota

Tradition means something in this remote, relatively unpopulated state. All these years after the first migration, North Dakotans still enjoy their share of lefse, the Norwegian potato flat bread popular enough that Freddy&aposs in Fargo has been keeping busy since 1946 making just lefse, and only lefse join the club and get generous monthly shipments all throughout 2021 for $300 You know what would go great with that? Jams, syrups and butters made from chokecherries, the wild (but possible to tame) bush berry that&aposs been designated the state fruit pick up all of the above from Berry Dakota in Jamestown. 6 oz. for $5.50 at

Chocolate-covered potato chips have yet to be designated the official snack food of North Dakota, but the locals are crazy enough about them that it&aposd probably be a shoo-in the "Chippers" made with Red River Valley potatoes from Carol Widman&aposs Candy Co. in Fargo-since 1885-are the preferred brand. You&aposll have to fax or call in your order, but it&aposs worth the hassle. .5 lb. for $10.50 at

Buckeyes made with waxy chocolate and grainy peanut butter are so last century. Instead, order the luxuriously fudgy Killer Brownies-specifically the ones made with a layer of buckeye ganache-from Dorothy Lane Market, a Dayton institution (and one of the country&aposs finest small supermarket chains). They also sell thoughtful gift boxes overstuffed with Ohio product. 4-pack brownies for $20 at

During less weird years, everybody loves an edible adventure in Holmes County, otherwise known around Ohio as Amish country. Fortunately, bringing the good stuff home without actually going there can be quite easy. Start with that famous ring bologna from Troyer, producing in tiny Trail since forever $8.59 via Walnut Creek Cheese. No tasteless buckeyes at Coblentz Chocolates in Walnut Creek, which churns out classic, crowd-pleasing sweets galore to a high standard 1 lb. chocolate covered pretzel rods, $22.95.

A stop for free samples at Guggisberg Cheese is de rigueur. This year, have a 4 lb. wheel of their famous baby Swiss sent to you-a bargain at $29.99. And finally, what&aposs a Holmes County weekend without one too many fry pies? Snag a dozen from Der Dutchman, you can choose from a variety of flavors, just like IRL. $19.99 at

We&aposre not even going to let all of those artisanal newcomers finish-some of the best ice cream of all time, including a Buckeye flavor, obviously, still comes from Graeter&aposs, a Cincinnati favorite since the 1800s. Their deep purple, chunky-with-dark-chocolate Black Raspberry Chip is pretty much peak American ice cream, now, always and forever. 12 pints for $119.95, guaranteed to arrive frozen, at


Certain other states are more famous for their pecans, but they&aposre actually native to Oklahoma, unlike certain other states Miller Pecan Company in Afton is one of the only producers in the country seeing the process through from planting to packaging. They sell in bulk for bakers, but are also great at candying, roasting, and flavoring. Their creative butterscotch candied pecans are just, wow. 8 oz. for $6.52 at

Oklahoma City is spoiled daily by the quality coffees-some of the best being roasted in the middle of the country-from KLLR Coffee. Their downtown OKC cafe was one of Food & Wine&aposs Best Coffee Shops in America for 2019. 12 oz. Espresso Blend, $19ਊt


The Salami of the Month Club from Olympia Provisions in Portland is a club we&aposd very much like to be a member of, and we&aposre guessing, so would anybody who appreciates the finer things in life. A pioneer in the modern American cured meats trade, they&aposre still one of the best out there. 4.5 oz. per month, $240, via Food 52

Founded between the world wars and relaunched in 2002, Central Point&aposs trendsetting Rogue Creamery has become one of the country&aposs finest cheesemakers. Domestically, you&aposll find their blues difficult to beat-the natural-rind Caveman is a real knockout. 1 lb. $40, via Murray&aposs Cheese

Have you invited smoked sea salt into your life? Because it&aposs never too late. While we&aposve yet to come across one that we didn&apost love, Jacobsen Salt Co. smokes theirs over cherrywood-the perfect finish to, well, pretty much whatever&aposs cooking. 4.2 oz. for $14.95 at

While you&aposre shopping local, don&apost forget a bottle of something carries a great selection of affordable Oregon wines.


When Justin Severino isn&apost busy running some of the top restaurants in Pittsburgh, he&aposs making some of the country&aposs best charcuterie at Salty Pork Bits, combining classic technique with some seriously modern flavors-Negroni salami, anyone? (The answer is yes, please.) 7 salami sampler pack for $79 at

There&aposs way too much to eat in Lancaster County, America&aposs flagship Amish country, but two things-whoopie pies, and those Old World, molasses-rich shoo-fly pies ought to be at the top of your list, if you&aposve never tried them. McClure&aposs Bakery in Gap bakes both, and they&aposre skilled at nationwide shipping-something you don&apost take for granted in a place where a lot of the locals still don&apost have telephones. One dozen whoopie pies, $35, shoo-fly pie, $37, includes shipping at

Rhode Island

Stately homes and some of the best ocean views around aren&apost the only attractions along Ocean Drive in Newport-the Newport Sea Salt Co. hand-harvests culinary-grade flaky salts from this same treasured bit of coastline. Look for their creative seasoning blends, including a collaboration with the Ocean State Pepper Co., makers of Devil Dust, a popular, home-grown spice blend. 2 oz. jar for $15, 2 oz. refills for $12 at

Only the highest quality Berkshire pork goes into the charcuterie and sausages at Gastros, some of the best in New England. If you live nearby, they&aposre also quite adept at butchery, sourcing American Wagyu for great steaks. 7 oz. dry-aged salami starting at $13

South Carolina

Defying the incessant humidity of the Lowcountry to mill some of the South&aposs finest grits, Marsh Hen Mill (formerly known as Geechie Boy) coarse-grinds heirloom corn for shipping all over the country, starting with top restaurants-some all the way out on the West Coast. 24 oz. for $16.40 at

Using only top-quality South Carolina sugarcane is the secret behind the 2018 Lowcountry Agricole Rum from Charleston&aposs High Wire Distillery snap up one of the remaining bottles at Astor Place Wines. 750 ml. for $99.99 at

Barrel-aged hot honey from Red Clay has become a must-have condiment around Charleston-plus, it looks great on the table, too. 3 pack includes honey and two hot sauces, $28 at

South Dakota

Savvy Midwest cooks know that if you&aposre searching for the perfect Christmas goose, there&aposs little point reinventing the wheel when you can simply pick up one of the hickory-smoked beauties from Schiltz Foods in Sisseton. They&aposve been at it since the world wars, they&aposre pros at shipping, and once your bird arrives, preparation is a snap. More time to sit around watching Hallmark Christmas movies sounds good to us. 5 to 6 lbs. for $106.40 at

Locally-grown grapes, chokecherries, crabapples and local honey go into the curious-and quite popular-wines made by Prairie Berry Winery in the Black Hills they&aposll ship direct to most states. The Lawrence Elk, a surprising black currant wine with raspberry and juniper notes, pays tribute to South Dakota&aposs own Lawrence Welk. $19 at


Called the godfather of Tennessee whiskey, Nearest Green was the first documented Black master distiller, back in earlier days. Today, the multiple award-winning Uncle Nearest Whiskey not only pays tribute to a historically important figure, it&aposs also damn good. Start with the 1856 Premium Aged Whiskey. 750 ml. $59.95 at

Also extremely historically important to Tennessee-and everywhere, really-is Dolly Parton, who not only has an album out this Christmas, but has also partnered with Williams-Sonoma to create a little holiday pop-up store, because don&apost we all need a gingerbread house centerpiece replica of Miss Parton&aposs childhood log cabin home in the Smoky Mountains? (The answer is, of course we do.) $129.95 at

Beginning life as the best modern butcher shop in Nashville, Porter Road has become a national brand, sourcing top-quality beef from small family farms around the region, dry-aging the good stuff for a minimum of 14 days, and then shipping nationwide on demand. 6 lb. gift boxes, $50 at

Give your charcuterie board an upper class Southern accent with high-end pimento cheese and preserves from the exclusive Blackberry Farm resort, up in the foothills of the Smokies. 2-16 oz. containers of pimento cheese for $69, including shipping, at


Tender, mesquite-smoked tenderloin from Perini Ranch is a ready-to-eat holiday tradition at many a Texas table each year. The meat is already perfectly cooked, so all you have to do is defrost, slice, and serve with horseradish. 2 to 2.5 lbs, serves 10, $165, includes shipping, at

Prefer to do the cooking yourself? Make like many a Texas chef and source your beef straight from 44 Ranch-they also make terrific tamales for the holidays. Tomahawk ribeye steaks for $49.95

Should a high-quality steak not be quite exciting enough for your table, look to Broken Arrow Ranch, which sources some of the best hard-to-find (and often, impossible to ship) exotic meats-all free range, from wild boar to top-notch Texas quail. Wild boar shoulder roast (approx. 3 lbs), $31 at

Winter means citrus season in the Rio Grande Valley. Send sweet ruby red grapefruit-and a blast of South Texas sunshine-to any unlucky lucky loved ones up north, directly from Crockett Farms. 5 lbs. 4-pack, $15.95 at

For a true deep-cut taste of Texas, send them a jar of mesquite pod jelly, made with pure cane sugar, from Cappadona Ranch in Linn. 9 oz. for $8 at

With a pandemic kicking off just as another season was set to begin at Hell&aposs Backbone Grill & Farm, one of Utah&aposs loveliest (and most remote) restaurants, a visit to tiny Boulder might not have been in the cards for you this year. But it&aposs not too late to salvage scrapped plans-from black powder biscuit mix to freshly-baked granola, the Experience Brunch at Hell&aposs Backbone gift box brings at least a piece of the experience to your doorstep. $100 includes more than a dozen items at

For reasons, the Beehive State is home to an outsized number of capable chocolatiers, many of them adhering to the highest standards on sourcing and sustainability. A wide selection of the finished product-start with the irreverent, exciting offerings from Salt Lake&aposs Solstice-can be purchased online. 2.3 oz bars from $8.99ਊt


As if we didn&apost love Vermont cheese enough, along came Jasper Hill Farm, back in 2003, winning hearts with their funkadelic, soft-ripened Harbison, Winnemere, and Greensward varieties, all of them best eaten, very slowly, with a spoon. Find them all, based on availability, at Murray&aposs. 9 oz. Harbison for $23ਊt

All Vermont maple syrup is good maple syrup, generally speaking, but the organic, infused varieties from Runamok in Fairfax are something of a revelation warming cardamom makes a winter comfort classic even cozier. 2-8.45 oz. bottles for $45 at


Regional oystering tradition received a massive shot in the arm when cousins Ryan and Travis Croxton revived the century-old family business back in 2001 today, the Rappahannock Oyster Company name is well-known in kitchens and markets up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Order 100 Rappahannock River oysters-the backbone of the operation from the earliest days-and receive free shipping. $149 at

Move your Virginia-themed celebration right along with a fine, dry-cured ham from Edwards Virginia Smokehouse. The petite, never aged for less than 90 days, serves 12. $69, includes shipping, at

What&aposs a feast without a cheese course? The Alpine-style award winners from Meadow Creek Farms in Galax are a must-try for anybody interested in upping their Virginia cheese aptitude-not to mention their dinner party cred. Sampler for $65 at

Ever had Virginia peanuts? What can be said, except that they&aposre just better. And they make great stocking stuffers. Get a sampler pack of four flavors-including Old Bay-seasoned, naturally. $29.87 from the Virginia Diner, at


A remote home base and sometimes limited distribution conspire to keep some of Washington&aposs best wines out of the hands of your average American wine drinker, but making the effort is more than worth your while why not try (or gift) some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon from Walla Walla this Christmas? Seven Hills Winery was an early arrival on the modern winemaking scene in the valley the nice-and-aged 2013 is $51.99 at Relative newcomer Doubleback is made by two local guys who decided to go into the wine business together, one of whom happens to be retired Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe. 2017 for $124.99 at

Upgrade your tinned fish situation with smoked Northwest mussels and oysters from Taylor Shellfish Farm-they&aposre not only delicious, but they also ship easier (and cheaper) than fresh, and they&aposre shelf stable for up to four years. 6-can sampler for $60 at

Dungeness crab season may have been delayed in California this year, but in Washington, things should be in full swing until New Year&aposs the highly-regarded Lummi Island Wild collectiveships cooked Salish Sea monsters-prep takes about five minutes once you defrost, no hassle at all. 2 lbs. for $149 includes shipping at

Their alder-smoked, wild sockeye salmon is fairly epic as well. 12-4oz. packages for $109 includes shipping

Lisa's Top-5 Mother's Day Gifts

1. Our Favorite KitchenAid Slow Cooker: Pair it with a mani/pedi gift certificate. The slow cooker can make dinner while mom is out getting pampered. (It&rsquos the ultimate in hands-off cooking.) [Read Our Review | Buy on Amazon]

2. Our Winning Hybrid Chef's Knife by Masamoto: The Masamoto gyuto is an amazing, wickedly sharp, lightweight and agile knife that makes me feel like I have the knife skills of Jacques Pépin. Your mom deserves a knife this good. She might even let you use it sometimes. Maybe. [Read Our Review | Buy on Amazon]

3. Vitamix 5200 Blender: This thing can make smoothies, hummus, pestos, nut butters, and most important, frozen drinks for summer. It's a big ticket item, but your mom is worth it, right? p.s. Please pass this note to my kids. [Read Our Review | Buy on Amazon]

4. Oxo Electric Kettle: Because for some reason the sight of water boiling in a glass kettle is totally mesmerizing and relaxing, plus this kettle is fast, easy to use, and very useful in the kitchen, whether you're making tea or pour-over coffee, or blanching something. [Read Our Review | Buy on Amazon]

5. Our Favorite High-End Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Gaea Fresh: Really great, fresh, high-quality olive oil wakes up the flavor of everything you use it in. This is a medium-robust olive oil from Greece, with plenty of olive fruitiness and bright, lightly peppery flavor. It's terrific as a dip for crusty bread, drizzled over grilled fish or meat, in salad dressings, and on warm beans. So, so good. [Read Our Review | Buy on Amazon]

What are you planning to get your mother this Mother&rsquos Day? Let us know in the comments!For another Mother's Day gift guide, read this post: