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Warm Yourself Up with a Hot Chocolate Party

Warm Yourself Up with a Hot Chocolate Party

After a summer full of long, hot days, the leaves are starting to change, the sun is setting much earlier, and the thermostat is dropping more and more. Thus, cozy sweaters and afternoons spent lying by the fireplace with a book and a cup of hot cocoa are just about here. These lazy afternoons can only be improved by including those you love, so instead of spending every Sunday curled up in that faded sweatshirt that you refuse to get rid of, invite a few friends over and spend the afternoon making hot chocolate.

There are many different kinds of hot chocolate to experiment with, from the rich and creamy French hot chocolate to the chile-charged Mexican version. Each kind has its own traditions and special treats to pair along with it. For instance, the Belgians love to enjoy cut up bananas, strawberries, and chocolate-covered biscuits with their creamy hot chocolate.

So make a few kinds of hot cocoa for all of your friends to taste and judge which is their favorite. You can even try coming up with your own recipe to enjoy for your next lazy afternoon.

Here are some delicious recipes to get your tasting bar started:

  • Irish hot chocolate
  • Mexican hot chocolate
  • French hot chocolate
  • Belgian hot chocolate
  • Thick Italian hot chocolate
  • White hot chocolate

We all know hot chocolate wouldn’t be complete without toppings — whipped cream, marshmallows, and hot chocolate make the perfect combination of sweet deliciousness. Be sure to have lots of these fun toppings as well as chocolate sauce on hand for those sugar lovers.

To get even more creative, have your guests make their own marshmallows. Here is an easy recipe.

Hot chocolate has been adapted constantly to fit the local trends. In New York City, Serendipity 3 offers a frozen hot chocolate, while countless restaurants offer alcoholic versions of the childhood treat.

However, the classic, American hot chocolate will always fill your heart with warm memories of coming in from an afternoon in the snow. With a home full of friends and mugs full of hot cocoa, even the coldest day will feel bright and comforting.

How to Set up a Hot Chocolate Bar

Baby, it's cold outside. Celebrate the season with a DIY hot cocoa bar.

We&aposre well into hot chocolate season, and what better excuse to throw together a hot chocolate bar party with friends? Whether you&aposre having a dinner party and you want to finish off the evening with a special treat for your guests, or you simply want to make memories with friends, hot chocolate bars are all the rage nowadays. The great thing about hot chocolate bars is the toppings are so cute, they double as decor! You can pull together a hot chocolate bar without breaking the bank — read on for tips on how to DIY a hot chocolate bar.

Host a Hot Chocolate Bar Party + The Most Luxurious Hot Chocolate

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Hot Chocolate season! Let’s talk about how to throw a hot chocolate bar party with everything that you need and a recipe for the most luxurious hot chocolate that requires you to just toss everything into the slow cooker! Spread that holiday cheer!

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Welcome to the brand new designed site! And today, I’m also showing you how to host a hot chocolate bar party and sharing a recipe for the most luxurious hot chocolate recipe that you barely have to lift a finger for and and and there’s so much for you to explore on the brand new, easy to navigate site! So really, it’s like the best day ever!

Also, I have a little update on the home decorating front. The curtains are officially up! A very nice gentlemen came over on Friday morning and install the dreaded 18-foot curtains. Thank the Lawd. So happy to have a second item crossed off of that list. Those high ceilings were what sold us on this place and they’ve been a big pain in the bumpy since then.

And just hours after the curtains went up, the site went down to get a nice little facelift. You’ll notice we have a brand new ‘life’ section where I’ll be sharing new posts on travel and just general shenanigans around here! Also, we have a new ‘shop’ functionality where I’ll share some of my kitchen favorites. I get asked a lot about what kind of this and that I’m using and now there’s a home for it and you can easily check them all out in one place. You can also rate the recipes now. So if you love this hot chocolate recipe or one of the other ones, be sure to leave a little comment love. You’ll be happy to know there’s a *working* print button now!? I can’t even tell you how many emails I got about that. It works on most of the newer posts, so please, print away!

The last thing, we are still converting a lot of the recipes over from the old format, so while the new recipes can be printed, the older ones will take a little longer to get there. Some of the older recipes are missing, we’re working to get them back up shortly.

But let’s move on to things like hot chocolate bars and divine hot chocolate recipes (. )
This coming year, I wanted to start sharing some crafty sort of ideas with you guys and couldn’t think of a better way to start than with a DIY hot chocolate bar. I’m not saying this is becoming a regular thing or anything but you know, once in a while when inspiration strikes, why not? And hot chocolate bars are all the rage right now, you see them at weddings, holiday parties, work parties, birthdays, cookie decorating parties, so on and so forth.

The inspiration for a hot cocoa bar struck when I started helping one of my dear friends plan her sons first birthday party. I’m still in shock the little guy is about to turn one. The first day of this year is when we hosted her baby shower. Oh, how time flies! She’s going with a Lumberjack themed party. How cute is that? And that’s when it all started coming together.

I love the idea of winter parties with a theme, so today I’m sharing my rustic log cabin themed hot chocolate bar. Let’s start with everything you need for the table and then I’ll share with you that heavenly hot chocolate recipe. It’s made with REAL melted chocolate and you just won’t believe how easy it is!

To kick things off, let’s talk about paper goods. These days you can buy adorable paper coffee cups like Starbucks right on Amazon! They come complete with sleeves and lids. Of course, you can also use nice mugs if you’re hosting a party for just a few people. Maybe even customize the mugs if you’re fancy like that? That would make for a nice Christmas present or if this is for a wedding, they could be wedding favors! You can also purchase customized paper coffee cups if you want a message on them. The interweb is such a wonderful place!

To stir the hot chocolate, I set out wood spoons. These ended up being a little shorter than I anticipated but I doubt anyone would drink a 12-ounce cup full of hot chocolate so I think they’ll be just fine! Another great alternative would be these coffee stir sticks.

For the hot chocolate bar toppings, I used mason jars in different sizes. I like to use a variety of sizes to really add some height and interest to the whole thing. Use a few tall ones for jumbo marshmallows, a few short ones for toppings like toffee bits, and mini ones for coarse sea salt. And how are your guests gonna get those toppings out? These scoops, so tiny, so flippin’ cute! To make the jars look a little more festive yet still be with that rustic theme, wrap red bakers twine around the jars a few times. The labels were a breeze, I printed them on cardstock right on my home printer. I’ll add a link for these below with other printables for the hot chocolate bar.

And now for my most flavorist part — the toppings:

  • marshmallows
  • toffee bits
  • coarse sea salt
  • mini chocolate chips
  • crushed peppermints
  • candy canes
  • soft peppermint sticks
  • whoppers
  • Lindt truffles
  • Pirouette cookies
  • whipped cream
  • dark chocolate syrup
  • caramel sauce

And every hot cocoa bar needs a good sign. I bought this faux wood frame for $6 at Walmart and printed the sign at home. Here’s a link to this sign. You’ll need to sign up for their mailing list though. Once you do that, you’ll get an email with a password to download the printable. But it is completely free. You can also make your own sign on chalkboard paper that you can print and here are directions on how to do that along with fonts that would look good. I used blank jar labels to make the signs for the toppings. Photoshop works great to type the names of your toppings. You can also print blank labels and write the toppings in with a white pen or chalkboard marker. Also cute, print labels with the names of your guests on there! Use that same baker’s twine to tie it around the sleeves of the paper cups!

As far as decorations, you can use just about anything you like!

Sticking with the rustic, log cabin theme, I used a large galvanized metal tray that I picked up from Hobby Lobby during their 50% off sale for $7 to place all my hot chocolate bar toppings in. It’s possibly one of the best props I’ve ever bought. The paper goods basket is also from there. A large bag of these winter scented pinecones from Michaels, just scattered around. $2.50 for a huge bag is a steal! The brown paper is a large roll I picked up from Home Depot from the paint section, in the ballpark of $3.50. A string of white lights around faux evergreens adds a little more color and brings the outdoors in. The faux pine branches are from Hobby Lobby as well, they were 50% off and I paid about $2.50-4 per branch depending on the style. Light a few pine-scented candles, put the fireplace on, and little holiday music. If it’s snowing where you live, I’m totally jelly. Draw back the curtains and let that powdery goodness show through.

Moving on to the other main attraction — the hot chocolate.

You already know I’m a YUGE fan of slow cooker recipes for hot chocolate. I shared a peppermint version and Mexican hot chocolate with you guys in the past. Today I wanted to bring you the ultimate recipe for homemade hot chocolate in the slow cooker. It’s simple, straightforward, and uses real chocolate.

We start by whisking together a little cocoa powder and hot water in a bowl. When the cocoa mixes in, add it to a slow cooker along with chopped chocolate, milk, heavy cream, a can of evaporated milk, sugar, and a hint of salt. That’s it! Let it go low and slow for 6 hours or on the high setting for 4 hours. As always, you want to whisk the hot chocolate every now and then to make sure the chocolate isn’t stuck to the bottom.

You can also make this on the stove if you don’t have a slow cooker. Just whisk the water and cocoa powder together over medium heat until it begins to simmer, add in the remaining ingredients and whisk until the chocolate melts. Make sure the hot chocolate doesn’t boil. You want it to just barely reach the simmer point. It’ll take you in the ballpark of 15 minutes altogether.

A couple of things I want to bring to your attention. Use chopped chocolate and not chocolate chips. I’ve used chocolate chips in the past and it’s a hit or a miss. Sometimes it melts, other times it’s a pain. For best results, I really suggest chopping up chocolate bars. The second important thing, don’t skip the evaporated milk! I made this hot chocolate recipe for a few friends when I was still testing it and it got rave reviews! The evaporated milk is wonderful with the melted chocolate. Seriously, it’s magic. Lastly, the sugar is optional. I actually wouldn’t add it in if you’re serving it with a hot chocolate bar. The toppings are super sweet as it is so it really isn’t necessary. If you’re serving this without toppings you may want the sugar.

Promise me you’ll have more hot chocolate bar parties this holiday season.

Pro tip: a cup of hot chocolate + 1 single Lindt truffle. Stir until it melts.

13 Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Recipes for a Cold Winter Night

Sure, a hot toddy is a cold weather cocktail essential for a reason, but sometimes when the weather outside is frightful you find yourself craving something a little sweeter, a little more nostalgic, a little, that's right, more chocolatey. And while we'll never turn down a toasty cup of hot cocoa, if you really want to take things to the next level for your night cap, you're going to need to make it spiked. Add a little warm brandy or some tequila, and you've got the perfect holiday drink&mdashjust take a cue from the recipes below.


1.25 oz Ancho Reyes Original
4 oz half & half
2 oz chocolate mix*

In a saucepan, bring half and half to a simmer (almost boiling). Add chocolate mix and heat, bringing the combined liquids to a simmer. In a coffee cup, pour Ancho Reyes, followed by hot chocolate milk mixture. Garnish with a whole cinnamon stick and an orange peel.

*Chocolate mix:
Combine Valrhona brand 100% cacao powder with turbinado sugar at a 1:3/4 ratio (1 part cacao powder to ¾ part turbinado sugar). Add hot water lightly while stirring, to reach a thick, rich, liquid consistency. Final ratio should be approximately 1 part cacao powder to ¾ part turbinado sugar, to ¾ part water (by volume) Store refrigerated in a sealed container.


2 oz Drambuie
9 oz hot milk
3 oz hot cocoa mix
1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
1/8 tsp kosher salt

In a saucepan combine all ingredients and warm over medium heat. Stir slowly until simmering. Serve hot, garnished with miniature marshmallows if desired.


1 cup skim milk
1 packet hot cocoa mix
2 marshmallows
3 oz. vodka
2 oz. chocolate liqueur (such as Godiva)
1 cup ice

Heat broiler. In a small saucepan over low heat, heat milk. Stir in hot cocoa until no lumps remain, then pour mixture into a cocktail shaker.

Place marshmallows on a baking sheet and broil until browned, 1 to 2 minutes (keep an eye on them!).

Add vodka, chocolate liqueur, and ice to shaker and shake until combined. Pour into glasses and top each with a toasted marshmallow.

Supplies Needed for a Hot Chocolate Bar

It did take me a little time to pull everything together, but my 6th grader (who loves to help with things like this) loved every minute of it. :) Here’s a list of our supplies:


    (we used dye-free)
  • Toasted coconut
  • Chocolate shavings
  • Crushed white chocolate pieces (dye-free)
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Grated cinnamon
  • Homemade whipped cream
  • Homemade chocolate sauce (in a squeeze bottle)
  • Marshmallows (we offered both store-bought mini marshmallows and homemade in two flavors: mint chocolate chip and salted caramel)


  • Mugs or paper coffee cups (with warm homemade hot chocolate – recipe below) and scoops for the toppings
  • Spoons and stirrers (we used wooden disposable spoons)
  • Napkins (recommended, haha)


6 Ways to Jazz Up Regular Ol' Hot Chocolate

Some of the best hot cocoa mix-ins are also the most surprising.

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On frigid winter days when you’re chilled to the bone, hot chocolate is a classic remedy that’s quick and easy to make. Chocolate, sugar, and a little bit of salt (trust us) combined with steaming milk are all it takes to keep you warm and cozy this season. If you’re looking to bump up the flavor on your next mug of hot chocolate, try any of these fun mix-ins.

Though it’s often used in savory preparations, tahini gives hot chocolate a unique nutty flavor and creamy finish. Molly Yeh’s Tahini Hot Chocolate can easily be prepared by heating all the ingredients together in a microwave or double boiler over the stove. Or skip the milk, and just spread the tahini and chocolate on some toast!


A Glass Mug Full of Frothy Cocoa Against a White Background

©Food Stylist: Brett Kurzweil

Food Stylist: Brett Kurzweil

This recipe will coax the chilliness out of your in a flash. Food Network Kitchen’s Spiced Hot Cocoa with cardamom and black pepper (yes, you read that right!) round outs the sweetness of the drink with a bit of heat.

Raspberry and chocolate are one of those winning combinations that stand the test of time. This recipe for White Cocoa with Raspberry Swirl from The Kitchen calls for drizzling raspberry sauce into your mug, and for that extra flavor boost, some freeze-dried raspberries get added on top.

Geoffrey Zakarian's Peppermint Hot Cocoa is seen on the set of Food Network's The Kitchen, Season 8.

Photo by: Jason DeCrow ©2015, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Jason DeCrow, 2015, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Whether you make your own hot cocoa from scratch or use your favorite store-bought mix, you can easily boost the flavor by adding peppermint. Geoffrey Zakarian’s recipe calls for double the flavor by adding peppermint schnapps for a boozy kick and crushed peppermint candies sprinkled on top.


Chef Name: Food Network KitchenFull Recipe Name: White Hot Chocolate 2 WaysTalent Recipe: FNK Recipe: Food Networks Kitchen’s White Hot Chocolate 2 Ways, as seen on Foodnetwork.comProject:, WINTER RECIPES/COCKTAILS/FNK VIDEOSShow Name: Food Network / Cooking Channel: Food Network,Chef Name: Food Network Kitchen Full Recipe Name: White Hot Chocolate 2 Ways Talent Recipe: FNK Recipe: Food Networks Kitchen’s White Hot Chocolate 2 Ways, as seen on Project:, WINTER RECIPES/COCKTAILS/FNK VIDEOS Show Name: Food Network / Cooking Channel: Food Network

Photo by: Renee Comet ©2015, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Renee Comet, 2015, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

White chocolate doesn’t have to be second-best to milk or dark chocolate. This recipe for White Hot Chocolate 2 Ways makes white chocolate shine even brighter with orange liqueur as a mix-in. What's the second way, you ask? Coffee liqueur! It will turn your white hot chocolate into a drink resembling a White Russian.

Here's How To Make 2-Minute Hot Chocolate At Home:


Whole milk: 1 cup
Chocolate chips: 4 tablespoons
Vanilla Extract: one-quarter tsp
Sugar: 2 tablespoon

Take a bowl and add milk to it. Heat it over high flame for about 1 minute.
Once the milk is steaming (but not boiling), turn off the flame. Add sugar, vanilla extract and chocolate chips to the bowl and stir till the chocolate completely dissolves. It would take about 30-40 seconds.
You can savour it as is or top with add-ons of your choice.

Note: If you can't start your day without a kick of caffeine, you may throw in a pinch of coffee to the hot chocolate drink to give it an extra boost. Additionally, you may as well add cinnamon and pepper to the drink to enhance its warming properties.

Whether you like it sweet, boozy, or chocolate-y, you can experiment in n number of ways. If you're looking for more such variations of hot chocolate, click here. Even kids can prepare this easy recipe at home using a microwave instead.

Now, that we have shared with you a stellar and quick recipe of hot chocolate, keep it handy. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and stay warm, one mug at a time! Try this recipe at home and do share your feedback with us in the comments section below.

About Deeksha Sarin An eccentric foodie and a die-hard falooda lover, Deeksha loves riding scooty in search of good street food! A piping hot cup of adrak wali chai can make her day bright and shiny!

8 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes to Get You Through the Winter

What is the best way to warm up in the winter? With a cup of hot chocolate, of course! Okay, we know some of you were thinking whiskey, but when you love chocolate and you love booze, why choose? Make those long winter nights of catching up on every episode of “Supernatural” that Netflix has to offer even better with some of these delicious hot chocolate cocktail recipes. You definitely want to scroll through all of these. Some of these we have never heard of before and of course we saved the best for last.

Boozy Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate

The pumpkin spice trend will never die, so you might as well just embrace it. And by embrace it, we mean smother it with chocolate and booze. I mean you gotta do something with the bottle of pumpkin pie liquor that you bought on a whim, right? Get the recipe at Foodista.

Hot Chocolate Martini

For those of you that like your hot chocolate on the classy side, whip up this Hot Chocolate Martini recipe and take in this childhood classic and put an adult spin on it.

Hot Chocolate with Homemade Bailey’s Marshmallows

If you’re feeling crafty and adventurous, you can make some Bailey’s marshmallows to add to your marshmallow vodka and hot chocolate cocktail, because why not? It sounds delicious and just one of these should warm you up for the night. Get the recipe on How Sweet Eats.

Irish Hot Chocolate

If you’re going to spike your hot chocolate, might as well go all out. This adult hot chocolate pulls out all of the stops. With a generous combination of Guinness, Irish whiskey, and Bailey’s, this is a hot cocoa that will have you doing a jig in no time. Get the recipe on Serious Eats.

The Drunken Dessert

The Fireball craze is almost bigger than the pumpkin spice craze when it come to the world of liquor. Naturally, having a cinnamon hot chocolate is delicious, but having a cinnamon whiskey hot chocolate? A 1000 times better! Get the drink recipe here.

Tipsy Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Nutella fans! Don’t think we forgot about you. Not only does this hot chocolate have Nutella, but it also has hazelnut liqueur and brandy. It is a winning combination. Get the drink recipe to make tonight on the Chow.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Alright, we were a little nervous about this one at first too, but once you take that first sip, you will know it was worth it. Red wine paired with chocolate is a thing, right? This just takes it to a whole other, fantastic level. Grab your bottle of red and the drink recipe to stir together some deliciousness tonight!

RumChata Hot Cocoa

The newest fab in the booze world is everywhere nowadays, but in your hot chocolate? Oh yes! This boozy hot chocolate has the right amount of cinnamon and cream to make it taste like heaven. But be careful, heaven has a hell of an after taste of hangovers. Grab the drink recipe on Krystal’s Kitsch.

They are better shared with friends, so test them out, pick your favorite and call your friends over. If you guys get antsy after a couple mugs of these, we are always happy to be your bartender and we don’t mind if you come in your PJs ).

Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe This post may contain affiliate links, please see my privacy policy for details. Warm up this winter by making this hot chocolate mix recipe (it’s a great thing to have on hand for when guests come over) and I’m going to show you how to set up a hot chocolate bar which is a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy! I had been hearing that Grandma Rita (see here for when I made a fun snack of white chocolate peanut covered grapes with her) had the best recipe for hot chocolate. I had heard that it was a homemade hot chocolate mix where all one had to do was add water and one would have hot cocoa in minutes. Well, I just had to try it out. I mean, who hasn’t had one of those little packets of hot chocolate only to be left unimpressed because it was a little weak and flavorless, am I right? So with a little skepticism I made the recipe and tried it, ummm yeah, it was amazing! Rich and chocolatey and perfect, this homemade chocolate is definitely a recipe to make. Plus, when you make your hot chocolate mix, simply put it in a cute jar, tie a ribbon on and it makes a great food gift! What’s cool about this recipe is that it uses dry milk (I had never even known dry milk was a thing – it was sold in the baking aisle of the grocery store by the evaporated milk) so when mixed with water it has a really nice creamy consistency-not watery. As I was enjoying my cup of hot chocolate I thought of all the fun toppings that one could put on hot cocoa and the idea of a hot chocolate bar was born. Last year I shared how to make a mimosa bar and it has gotten awesome feedback, so I just couldn’t resist putting this one together. Customizable bars are always so fun, especially around the holidays, everyone can make unique flavor combinations. 6 Delicious Ways to Spike Your Hot Chocolate

Hot cocoa + booze is perhaps the greatest holiday gift of all.

We are all familiar with the old-school approach to hot chocolate: You fan the cocoa mix-filled aluminum packet to settle powder, tear it open, and pour into a cup followed by piping-hot water. Can you say #basic and #boring? This season, let’s amp up the hot chocolate game in a major way. For starters, ditch the packets—you’re ready to make your mug of cocoa from-scratch. (Seriously, homemade hot chocolate is worlds apart from a package of Swiss Miss, and it’s just about as easy to mix up.) Next, spike it with booze.

Again, it’s super simple to make a batch of hot chocolate using basic pantry and refrigerator staples. This classic chocolatey beverage consists of a combination of unsweetened cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate, warmed gently with milk. Sweeten your chocolate with a spoonful of sugar or honey, and add an extra depth of flavor with a splash of vanilla extract. If you want to go the dairy-free route, use almond milk, rice milk, or soy milk as dairy milk substitutions. Now, when it comes to the booze, you kind of have to go hard or go home. Here are a my top suggestions for the best hot chocolate and liquor pairings.

Baileys Irish Cream is an aged whiskey mixed with cream (both the whiskey and cream are sourced in Ireland) and cocoa flavorings. A generous splash of this liqueur will give your hot chocolate an even greater milky richness as well as a silky smooth finish. Despite containing cream, the bottle has a shelf life of 2 years, so you can store it in the refrigerator or a cool dry place until you’re ready to make your next batch of hot chocolate.

Containing small amounts of caffeine, Kahlྪ will give you a slow release of energy when it’s mixed into your warm wintery drink. Consider this version of spiked hot chocolate the perfect swap for an after-dinner cup of full-caff coffee—this mix is like dessert + coffee, all in one cup. The liqueur is flavored with vanilla and arabica coffee, with its major alcohol content coming from rum.

You won’t need more than an ounce or two to feel the boozy punch with spiced rum. The signature golden color is a result of the rum aging in wooden barrels, and contributes to the spirit’s rich flavor. The rum’s spiced profile comes from a blend of allspice seeds, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon. All of these tasty elements make a great complement to chocolate and will be an excellent addition to your drink.

This top-shelf cognac, A.K.A Henny, is a crowd favorite that is sure to earn you a few cool points when you bust it out for your holiday hot chocolate bar. The VS edition is the most popular full-bodied blend on the Hennessy line. It offers notes of oak and honey that give your hot chocolate a deliciously sophisticated flavor profile.

What better way to wind down after long a day than with two of the best stress relievers mixed together in one mug? Warm your hot chocolate with an inexpensive bottle of red wine (no need to open one of your nicer bottles when you’re using it as a mixer) and just enjoy the divine existence of this soothing combination. Once you wrap yourself in a toasty blanket with your steamy concoction in hand, consider it a night well spent.

Vanilla-flavored vodka has a floral aroma and butterscotch flavor undertones that are a perfect enhancer for your hot chocolate. Since vodka is a relatively affordable liquor you can go ahead and make a big batch and invite a few friends over for a grown-up pajama party.

Watch the video: Hot Chocolate Bar Ideas. (January 2022).