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A Museum Dedicated to Pizza

A Museum Dedicated to Pizza

Experience the world's first pizza museum in Philadelphia

Going to the museum is no longer considered an upper-crust activity — that is as far as the world's first pizza museum is concerned. Set to open its doors later this spring in Philadelphia, Pizza Brain is the life's work of Brian Dwyer, a professional collector of pizza memorabilia. The exhibit is so expansive, in fact, that Dwyer holds the Guinness World Record for having the largest collection of its kind in the world (561 items, when the record was given in July).

The museum, located in Philly's Fishtown neighborhood will include a pizzeria, naturally, where visitors can enjoy a pie along with the display. The collection consists of pizza-themed vinyl records, art, comic books, magazines, posters, apparel, and accessories. Dwyer originally got the idea to start Pizza Brain after he and his friends hosted a pizza-themed art show called "Give Pizza Chance" in 2010.

Pizza Brain is not the only outrageous food-themed museum out there. In fact fanatics of such foods as ramen, Jell-O, and mustard can enjoy exhibits dedicated to their glory as well. Check out these food museums and many more here.

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